Tea Quality

Sensado Premium Leaf Teas

We search the world for the most amazing tasting leaf teas; respectfully sourced from small-scale farms and cooperatives.

Sensado Herbal Tea Blends

Hand-blended and made with certified organic, top-quality herbs and spices; our uniquely crafted tea blends will lift your spirits, health and well-being.

Sensado Enjoy Tea

Indulge yourself in a world of natural aromas and taste with our authentic selection of premium leaf teas; no added flavors, no added sugars.

Host an afternoon with Sensado!

Central Coast and Newcastle People

Get a group of friends together and let us introduce you to our exclusive selection of Premium Tea and Gongfu-inspired Teaware in a fun and relaxed manner. Learn about tea styles, brewing methods, and do’s and don’ts in the tea world.