Our Story & Philosophy

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Here’s a little bit about us and the passion behind Sensado TEA.

Who we are

Sensado is an online Artisan Tea Store, offering a well-selected range of loose leaf teas, uniquely crafted tea blends and Zen-inspired tea ware.

Sensado was founded on the Central Coast, NSW, in 2016 by food technologist, dietician and tea master Mandy Suess and her partner, and former organic food producer Pete Schmich. Mandy and Pete are the creative spirits behind the selection of unique Artisan Teas and creators of the most delicious and health-beneficial tea blends.

About Sensado

The medicinal properties of foods have greatly shaped Mandy’s professional career path. She got to know the powerful benefits of herbs and the importance of a natural diet during her nutritional studies and former traditional pharmacy work in Germany. Tea is her inspiration as she loves to debouch in pure flavors, and she’s fascinated by the variety of aromas that are naturally inherent in plants, and especially in teas and herbs. Through tea, she feel connected to the pure essence of life. Tea is simple, but it also requires skill to master. It is calming, but not tiring.

“Tea is more than just drinking for pleasure, it’s a way of life, and a way to connect to people, nature and to ourselves.”

Pete, is a true Aussie character, a passionate Chef and Tea Sommelier. Having worked in various kitchens around NSW, but also on vineyards, and as an independent farmer and distributor for organically grown fruits and herbs; he has a thoroughly trained palate to taste and evaluate teas and tea blends.

Mandy and Pete share the same appreciation for a natural life-style; that involves sustainably grown produce, fairness and respect for the craft, effort and passion that goes into an individual creation or brand.


Our Name – Our Passion

Tea is a wonderful drink that can be experienced with all our SENSES. There is the amazing taste of the liquor, and the sense of touch when holding the cup or feeling the texture of the infusion in our mouth. There is the sound of the water, and the beautiful smell of aromas when steeping the tea. And, of course, our visual senses are greatly engaged when viewing the magical dance of water and leaves.

By dedicating our entire attention to tea, we allow ourselves to slip into the pattern and rhythm of enjoying a delicious cup with all our heart. Such a dedicated form of preparing tea is expressed in the traditional tea ceremony of CHADO, which beautifully demonstrates the importance of leaf quality and mindfulness when drinking.

The name of SENSADO stands for enjoyment (with all our SENSES) and appreciation (with all our attention, CHADO) of fine, loose leaf tea.

Tea Image

Our Mission

While it is intriguing to explore the history, culture, and some of the broad health benefits of Tea, it is the quietness and harmony in the leaves that reveal the greatest blessing for body, mind and soul. Through tea, we learn to listen to the unfolding moment, and we realize that even the flavor of the liquor is as much dependent upon the skill of the one brewing as the quality of the leaf.

Tea will let us find the wonders and beauty of Nature in a cup.

We would love to share this great gift with you. And, maybe, one day you’ll find yourself being taken away by the magical moment of enjoying a bowl of fine tea; quietly saying How good is this…

Thanks for your interest in Sensado. Click here to browse our beautiful collection of Artisan Teas and Zen-inspired Teaware. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page, or leave a comment on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.