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We love to explore diverse aromas with an open eye for uniqueness, craft and tradition; and invite you on this journey of tea flavors with us.

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Premium Leaf Teas

We search the world for the most amazing tasting leaf teas; respectfully sourced from small-scale farms and cooperatives.

Inspiring Tea Blend

Herbal Tea Blends

Experience the power of nature in a cup! Hand-blended and made with certified organic, top-quality herbs and spices; our uniquely crafted tea blends will lift your spirits, health and well-being.

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Imperial Taste

Indulge yourself in a world of aromas and taste with our authentic selection of premium leaf teas; no added flavours, no added sugars.

The world of tea with its varieties is almost endless; and we would like to introduce you to a great range of different styles and aromas. Therefore, we usually obtain individual, smaller-sized premium batches of a certain type, that once it is sold will be replaced by another one. Moreover, some teas are only harvested at specific times of the year, which led to our decision to have a constantly changing range of seasonal teas of exceptional quality.

Beyond the importance of sensory quality measures, we exclusively seek teas that have been produced with respect to both, workers and environment.

Tea Quality

Our Teas are evaluated by a method called cupping, which is an ideal way to ensure quality and to deduct a tea’s finer characteristics. Every new delivery/batch is tested; results are precisely documented and recorded.

To cup a tea basically means to steep the leaves under predetermined parameters (amount of tea, amount of water, water temperature, steeping period); which allows us to examine certain characteristics, such as aroma, appearance and texture. It is also the best method to compare different quality selections of the same tea variety.

Dan Cong Oolong Cupping

Tea Packaging

With some exceptions, our source materials are stored and transported in vacuum sealed/ air-tight metal barrier bags since the day of their initial packaging.

We take great care to preserve the freshness and to maintain shelf life of our products. After opening a sealed package, the tea is immediately transferred into consumer-convenient metal barrier bags with zipper, and heat sealed.

Tea Labels

Our labels will give you a short summary of a teas character, its country of origin, and our suggestion for brewing and enjoying.

Our brewing suggestions are based on the standard tea preparation method, where you would use one to two teaspoons per cup (200-250 ml) of water. More delicate teas (white, green) will require a lower steeping temperature, whereas robust black teas or Puerhs can be steeped at above 90C. Of course, all values can be adjusted to taste.

Color Coding

Our tea labels are color coded to quickly reveal the underlying tea type or tea category:

Tea Blend

Shelf life

All our teas have been stored in an appropriate environment to preserve freshness since their final day of production. Their sensory profile is evaluated upon arrival, and their aroma profile is recorded precisely as part of our quality control policy.

Your purchased loose leaf tea will keep well beyond 12 months if stored in a tightly closed barrier bag; at an ambient temperature (below 25C) and away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Over time, the natural oils in the leaves evaporate, which will cause the overall aroma to fade – but we doubt that you will ever keep our teas that long, they are just too good.

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