What everybody ought to know about teapots

The sheer endless variation in teapot-styles is a good marker how different cultures have developed their traditional art of tea; adapted to their believes, preferences and lifestyle.

Different shapes and materials offer different properties; and when used adequately, this will have a surprisingly enhancing effect on the aroma and taste of tea!

What teapot is best to use for a certain type of tea? Quick guide here:

Unglazed Purple-Clay Teapots (Yixing)

These teapots are known for “remembering” a type of tea as they are able to enhance the delicate aromas of the leaves because the teapot becomes more seasoned with each use! Yixing clay teapots, especially, are by far the best vessel to brew Black teas, Puerhs and dark Oolongs. The clay is able to absorb some of the tannin’s, making the liquor less astringent; and it also offers the best heat distribution among all styles of tea-ware.

Yixing Teapot

Glazed Ceramic Teapots

Their enamel coating makes them suitable for brewing all types of teas and herbals. With their unique design and vast color options, glazed teapots are truly a pleasure to look at!

Glazed Teapot

Kyusu Teapots

These Japanese teapots with a hollow lateral handle are mainly used for brewing green tea, such as Sencha or Gyokuro. They are often made of sandstone clay, which is able to absorb some of the tannins in the tea leaves, making them less astringent.

Kyusu teapot

Glass Teapots

To watch the leaves unfurl during steeping is a great advantage of those teapots. They are great for large-leaf white teas or green teas as well as for flower teas and tisanes.

Glass Tea Pot

Metal Teapots

These teapots are crafted from heat retaining stainless steel and should only be used for more robust, dark teas, spiced teas or tisanes.

metal teapot

Cast-Iron Teapots

Cast-Iron teapots make beautiful water kettles, but can also be used for more robust teas or herbals.

iron cast teapot

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